Instructions for registering an account at slotvip

How to quickly and easily instruct register for a Slotvip account. Let’s find out together right now

Instructions for registering slotvip

To become a member of Slotvip, players need to follow these steps:

Step 1: Visit the official website with a reputable link. With that said, you need to research and choose carefully to avoid confusing fake links. Any damage caused by people at unofficial addresses will not be held responsible by the house.

Step 2: Next, select the blue registry entry in the upper right corner of the screen.

   slotvip registration instructions

Step 3: Fill in the required information in the blank boxes. Insurance includes:

Username: 2-15 characters long, starting with a letter, can include numbers, underscores.
Password membership consists of numbers and letters, at least 6 characters thick.
Confirm password.
Full owner name: capital letters, no accents.
Confirmation ID.
Step 4: Review the information just filled out above, read the bookie’s policy and then click “register now” to succeed. Now you can comfortably play gambling and earn money here.

Instructions for downloading the Slotvip application and how to get a bonus of 50PHP for newbies

In addition to being able to play directly on the website, you can also choose to install the Slotvip application to download to your phone, which will make the game play process smoother, improve the speed of the convenient game experience.

Check out the steps below to download Slotvip. application

Link to download the application for iOS, APK, PC, ANDROID operating systems

Currently, there are many fake Slotvip links for the purpose of profiteering, scamming money and player information. Therefore, you need to pay attention only to access the Slotvip links provided below:

Downloading the app is easy and convenient
Downloading the app is easy and convenient

How to download Slotvip app for Android and iOS
Downloading the app is simple, just follow a few basic steps:
Step 1: First we will access the homepage of the Slotvip house.
Step 2: On the screen interface you will see the item “Download application” and click here to download the application.
Step 3: Download complete and install
Step 4: Finished, the player opens the game and installs to allow access so that the application displays on the phone screen and now, we can log in to recharge, play the game as usual.

Conditions to receive 50PHP app download promotion at Slotvip
>>>>>> Please see the terms and conditions here

Recharge Instructions

The deposit and withdrawal payment process is also very important when betting here. Here are the instructions for depositing and withdrawing at  Slotvip  for players’ reference:

Recharge Instructions

  • Step 1: First, you must visit the website and log in to your account.
  • Step 2: Select the deposit button and choose the form you want to make. The bookie offers many deposit methods in cooperation with all banks in the Philippines
  • Step 3: Fill in personal information, deposit amount within the limit, promotions if any.
  • Step 4: Check step 3 again and click confirm Slotvip is done.
Diverse deposit methods that you can choose from
Diverse deposit methods that you can choose from

Withdrawal Instructions

This is what everyone wants when betting at Slotvip. This process is short, safe and secure. Specifically:

Simple withdrawal at slotvip
Simple withdrawal at slotvip

Step 1: Log in to Slotvip with your account.
Step 2: Select withdrawal -> select banking method.
Step 3: Fill in the account holder name, account number, bank name, withdrawal amount. These information must be standard and coincide with the information registered at the bookie.
Step 4: Finally, click to confirm Slotvip withdrawal to complete.