What is Slovip disc jock? Instructions on how to play for newbies

Slovip disc jock


Slovip disc jock is a very popular game in Philipines and has existed for a long time. Nowadays, coin toss is also modified and available on major bookmakers such as slotvip. We will learn the concept and how to play Slovip in more detail through the article below. 

What is Slovip disc jock?

Slovip disc jock
Slovip disc jock

Disc jock is a popular betting game, in the game, players bet on one of the images (or symbols) on a rotating disc or bowl. These symbols often include images of different animals or symbols.

After players have placed their bets, a player or game master will spin the disc or bowl, and the result of the spin will determine the winner. The player who bets on the symbol on which the disc or bowl stops wins the bet.

Disc jock has quite a few different variations and may have specific rules depending on where it is played and the players involved.

Current forms of playing coin toss

Slovip disc jock
Slovip disc jock

Traditional disc jock

Traditional disc jock  is often played during festivals and entertainment events. In the traditional version of this game, players often see a plate or bowl with the following symbols or images:

  • Chicken (green).
  • Fish (red).
  • Shrimp (red).
  • Crab gourd (green).

Because it appears in traditional festivals, the playing space also affects your judgment. Many places also secretly cheat, making it easy to fool customers. Therefore, in recent years, real players often like to play online coin toss to avoid unnecessary cheating incidents. Reputable bookmakers like slotvip also ensure that you and everyone follow the rules and easily play regardless of day or night.

Slovip disc jock online

Disc jock slotvip online is an online version that allows players to participate and place bets through betting websites or mobile phones. With coin toss at slotvip, players often evaluate the following advantages:

  • Slovip bookmaker offers the most convenience: Slovip disc jock  brings convenience to players because you can participate from anywhere with an internet connection, without having to wait for the festival to play like before.
  • Easy to bet and track: You can bet online through the house’s interface anytime, anywhere. During the game, you and everyone else can monitor the recording process to easily ensure there is no cheating.
  • Many variations: Slovip bookmakers always offer many variations of coin toss, with different rules and symbols. You can choose the variation you like best.
  • Easy withdrawal: Players can deposit and withdraw money 24/7 through online payment methods such as credit card, e-wallet, or bank transfer.
  • Information security: This is also an advantage that makes Slotvip famous, players can safely place bets without worrying about personal or other information being disclosed.

Basic instructions for playing Slovip disc jock for beginners

Slovip disc jock
Slovip disc jock

Game rules of coin toss and prize exchange

Normally, disc jock slotvip game usually lasts from 15 to 30 seconds, depending on the specific regulations of each house. The game starts when the dealer shakes the disc, after that, players have 2 main betting options: “Even” and “Odd”.

Currently, there are many different variations and ways of betting in this game. You can bet as follows:

  • Sic: When there are 4 coins of the same color red or 3 red and 1 white.
  • Bo: When there are 4 coins of the same color white or 3 white and 1 red.
  • Even: When there are 4 red coins and 4 white coins or 2 red coins and 2 white coins.
  • Odd: When there are 3 white coins and 1 red coin or 3 red coins and 1 white coin.

These bet selections will determine the outcome of the game and players can place bets based on their predictions.

Rules of coin toss

Playing disc jock Slovip is very simple. You will place your bets before the bowl is opened. The dealer then places the coins on the plate and shakes them. When the bowl opens, you need to predict the face of the coin. Depending on the number of coins in the bowl, there are different situations:

  • 1 coin coin toss: Here, players only need to choose heads or tails of the coin.
  • 2 coin coin toss: In this case, there are 3 available bets, including heads, tails, 1 tail and 1 tail.
  • 4-coin coin toss: This type has more bets such as odd even, same color and many other options. 4 coin disc jock is often chosen by many players because it is diverse and easy to “win money”.

What is the term Slovip disc jock?

In disc jock, there are some basic terms you may hear and they often have specific meanings. Here are some tips to help beginners not get confused:

Big: This is when there are 4 coins of the same color (or 3 red and 1 white).

Under: In this case, there are 4 coins of the same color white (or 3 white and 1 red).

Even: Even occurs when there are 4 coins of the same color red or 4 coins of the same color white, or there are 2 red coins and 2 white coins.

Odd: Odd occurs when there are 3 white coins and 1 red, or 3 red coins and 1 white.

These terms are commonly used to refer to in-game betting. If the result matches any one of these bets, the dealer will announce one of three names: “sic” for large numbers, “bo” for small numbers, or “Even/Odd” for even/small numbers, but not the particular side of the coin.


If you are a fan of folk betting games like coin toss, then you definitely cannot miss disc jock slotvip. Since its launch, this has been a bookmaker known as purely Vietnamese and aims to develop folk games with prizes. Slotvip’s professionalism and convenience in working have met the most difficult standards that gamers desire.

With a variety of prize-giving games, coin toss is still the most mentioned name. Don’t forget to visit Slotvip to enjoy extremely interesting betting games and receive attractive rewards! If you have a passion for slotvip, don’t forget to register now to receive attractive incentives. Surely this game at the house will not disappoint you.


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